#covid2019 #lockdown has indeed left a different impact on everyone. For me it has been a time to build , organise and introspect. During the introspection, I realised that my strength is that I have always lend a #helpinghand and my weakness that I fail to seek help or I should say “Sell” the point that I need help too.

Coming back to the point, during my search for my next employer I have realised there are ‘n’ number of recruiters looking for a specific skill set, however the #professionalmatchmaking doesn’t really happen. To extend my gratitude to people who have extended help to me, I want to build a platform for #healthcareprofessionals that exactly does the same.

No, I am not making another Whtsapp group.

No, it does not involve any monetary transaction

No, it doesn’t guarantee a job

Yes, its a help extended to only #healthcarerecruiters and #healthcareprofessionals

Please fill the form for me.If there is any vacancy in my network I shall mail you the same. Any questions / query please mail thehealthcarebridge@gmail.com

Trolls keep away since I am too searching for a job, the best fit. #bethebridge #timeforgratitude #mypassion


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