Lockdown lesson no 1: Home Sweet Home : Lockdown has definately taught us that Home will always be the safest place.While everyone with or without their wish is advised to stay at home, the healthcare workers are risking the safety of their family while being at work. There are people who wish to go back to their home and there are few who are miles away from family. A large number of nurses are part of this group. Let’s pray for more power to them during these anxious times. gratitudeattitude stay_at_home healthcareproviders nurseschangelives stayhomeforus

Lockdown Lesson 2 : Know the anatomy of your organisation : Every leader should understand the anatomy of his/her organisation. We know all the vital organs usually, know the veins, arteries , the blood flow (communication), the disease inflicting and triaging policy. Assess , evaluate and proceed with a treatment plan accordingly. Sometimes side effects are fatal ! *Pun intended healthcareoperations healthcareorgaisations passion organisationanatomy

Lockdown Lesson no 3: Know your community , build your local network. Both my kids first lesson in school has been community workers. My younger one recently asked me and I laughed out aloud that what is a tailor? Since we usually do online shopping due to hectic work – home schedules. Why , I brought this out here is since CoVid scare has really made us look back at our community workers, when the tailors are stitching PPE. The milkman is delivering milk for dairy , the local society shop makes sure everyone gets their groceries. The whole online shopping expertise failed. So, support your community, your neighborhood , they are your people! communitymatters communityengagement covidresponse communityimpact hospitaloperations localbusinesses knowyourpeople

Lockdown Lesson no: 4 Basic Life Skills are very important. My father taught me how to drive when I was in Class 11th, during summer break. His lesson 1 was too clean his car before we started learning. He made me clean it spotless entirely , even the tyres for 15 days till he allowed me to touch the steering. His lesson 2 was to change the tyre on my own. He made me switch tyres for next 15 days till he was satisfied and I was a pro. He then said now you know how to drive. An important lesson he taught me then and I understood it now. lifeskills healthcareoperations parentingskills basiclifehacks positiveparenting safeathome

Lockdow Lesson 5: Understand “The Domino Effect”. It’s important to know what , who and where the placement of your dominos effect the outcome. Each domino plays a part. Adding and removing them can change the result, the art is to make use of all of them. Let them know what value they bring to the whole. Motivate. Take them together. covidresponse hospitaloperations thedominoeffect hradvice organizationdevelopment employeerelations businessoutcomes leadershipbyexample employeeworth layoffs

Lockdown Lesson no 6: What’s the Plan B – Plan A is what we are always working on, there are clear guidelines, set rules, set expectations for Plan A. Always be ready with Plan B. In fact, Plan B should be made before the Plan A is put into use. It solves lot of troubleshooting and fire- fighting, relieves stress and keeps motivation high amongst your people. Plan B drills are necessary. planB covidresponse hospitaloperations hospitalmanagement disasterpreparedness planningforthefuture beready lockdown healthcaremanagement healthcareservices healthsystems

Lockdown Lesson no 7 : This was the hardest lesson. We often conduct competency mapping of our staff and subordinates. In an era where we talk about 360 degrees appraisals, it’s time that subordinates also map their superiors on certain competencies which is expected out of their leader. It will ease the stress when we evaluate and formulate plans of future. It will also help in business restructuring plus makes employees part of the change. changeisinevitable covid19 lockdownlessons healthcareoperations healthcaremanagement businessrestructuring

Lockdown Lesson No 8 : Need is not equal to want. Although this is the first chapter of any management book but we always learn it the hard way. Have you experienced a decrease in your credit card bill? The amount reduced is what are your “wants”. Could you buy a packet of noodles/ pasta and you couldn’t buy a pair of heels (not because you can’t buy it , but because it’s not important right now) Irony: MasterCard advertisement : Money can’t buy this “the priceless” for everything else there is mastercard , flashed so many times in my head these days! covidresponse beready Time to seggregrate needs from wants. Every organisation is in that process. Seggregrate your needs efficiently. For those who don’t go through this process with proper plan , the vision , remember Money can’t buy everything. cashisking covid2019 lockdownlessons healthcaremanagement hospitaloperations healthcareservices
Lockdown Lesson no 9 : Make ur own Sub/ sandwich (*pun intended). Today morning I baked my own sub, I loaded it with all that I really like, while doing so realised there were few things which I needed irrespective of what I like to eat. And it’s important of everyone who wants to a eat that tasty sub with customisations , the basics! Know what you can do without ! knowyourpeople competency healthcaremanagement healthcareservices healthcaremanagement lockdownlessons covid19 covidresponse

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